Rare images of Helsinki (1)

Best places to travel in 2021 Rare images of Helsinki Capital of Finland Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland with 655,000 inhabitants (1.5 million inhabitants in Greater Helsinki). Helsinki was founded under the name of Helsingfors in 1550 on a peninsula surrounded by 330 islands. […]

Beautiful islands in the world

Beauty images, for you Beautiful islands in the world Author: Simone Marinho . Source: commons.wikimedia.org Author: Karel Hrdina . Source: commons.wikimedia.org Author: Erik Christensen . Source: commons.wikimedia.org two sister restaurants built at the same time by the same owner back in 1967 — THE SEA SIDE DRIVE IN and the SEA ROCK […]

ALABAMA : Sculptures

Beauty images, for you Sculptures of USA Sculptures of Alabama Image source: flickr / Lawrence G. Miller Image source : commons.wikimedia / Chris Pruitt Image source : pxhere.com Image source : pxhere.com Image source : flickr / Photographer 192 Image of title source: flickr/Amy Walker

What is tachisme style

ART and DESIGN Painting styles What is tachisme style It may designate all artistic techniques that use spots. In fact, these techniques fall into two categories, corresponding to the two main meanings of the word spot:  1) stain means almost touch: the color deposited by a stroke of […]

The interesting Rijksmuseum

Beauty images, for you Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (Amsterdam State Museum), is a Dutch national museum, located in the capital of the kingdom, and devoted to fine arts, craftsmanship and history of the country. It is the largest museum in the Netherlands in terms of attendance and works […]