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Big hello to “crystalmay“, who chose me, and offered me …. THANK YOU    

Is a beautiful blog, varied and friendly. If you visit, you feel the attractive simplicity and language who live button. This is one of my favorites.

About me:
  • I will never forget, the day I won – with my team my club-
    cutting the throne of Morocco Chess play.
  • I will never forget, little political experience, as a candidate for election.
  • I will never forget, the first day of my work as a university professor, a 500 student amphitheater.
  • I will never forget, my first creation in digital painting.
  • I will never forget, the death of my brother, doctor of philosophy.
  • I will never forget, the day of travel my daughter to study in Europe. I like to always be close to me throughout life
  • I will never forget, the day that my sister had told me: “I have no brother.”
  • I will never forget, thousands of students and my students, I love.
  • I will never forget all the trips I have lived with my love, which has given meaning to my life.
  • will never forget my day to create my blog (10/6/2016).
Answers to questions of crystalmay :
  1. What made you think  about blogging?      The blog gave me a wide area outside, to present my artwork and I found a great blog cultural window on the world.
  2. Whom do you love most – mom or dad?  I reject any discrimination between the mother and father … while both have sacrificed for us … we must love them all equally.
  3. What do like about my blog?    very nice . I feel comfortable in reading your posts.
  4.  What do you dislike about my blog?     A blog is a child, it must still improve to enlarge strong and beautiful.
  5. What improvements do you want to make in yourself ?  I want to be more internationalist and humanist, away from obstacles Third World.
  6. Are you awesome?          According to my teachers, my colleagues and my friends, I am very intelligent … Given the number of my enemies, I am genius hahaha.
  7. What is YOUR meaning of life?     Life has no meaning if there in no love, if there in no homework, if there in no principles, and if there in no record for history.
  8.  Where can I find you in 20 years?        (Near death) I will be closer to my readers friends.
  9. Which one do you like the most – science or fiction?   As a researcher, I’m a man of Sciences.
  10. Have you answered all these answers correctly?     yes, and I swear.

I add and I will contact the selected blogs.

friendly and respectively.

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  1. Thank you for the nomination! I appreciate that. Due to time constraints, I’ve made my blog award free. Thanks again and take care!

  2. Oh thank you! I really appreciate the nomination, that is very thoughtful. While I enjoy reading responses from various blogs that are nominated, I typically don’t complete awards/tags/nominations. But thank you again so much for thinking of me!

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