Mois : août 2016

My 30th painted picture (Mon 30e tableau)

A beautiful abstract painting, which is based on the semi-geometric shapes, direct lines, the five levels and color families. Creating several superimposed levels and dimensions which form the charm of its fabric, and produce emotional background. ALOZADE a. calls this creation: « The five D ». Un très beau tableau abstrait, […]

WHERE IS YOUR COUNTRY ? (off-side 22)

  This is a very interesting map (Country risk assessment map 2016), for investors and travelers, as for locals. To know the sensitivity of your country, search in the map. For detailed information, read the report of « »….   CLICK HERE Ceci est une carte très intéressante (La carte des […]

My 29th painted picture (Mon 29e tableau)

A beautiful digital abstract painting. Technically, I have grouped two color families to present 2 bunk spatial levels: Basically, the fabric very eventful, where green and yellow shape several derivative energetic waves. In the foreground, the 2 colors – violet and black – form attractive round objects. The […]

Thank you very much Brazil – Muito obrigado Brasil

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, were fantastically, a sports success, organization and lationo-American civilization. Os Jogos Olímpicos de 2016 no Rio de Janeiro, foram fantasticamente, um sports sucesso, organização e civilização lationo-americano. Les jeux olympiques 2016 à Rio de janeiro, étaient, fantastiquement, une reussite des […]

DIGITAL PAINTING: Quotes about Art

 » Art is beautiful representation of a thing and not a representation of a beautiful thing » Immanuel Kant (22 April 1724 – 12 February 1804) German philosopher « Art is beautiful when the hand, head and heart of man are working together. » John Ruskin.   ( 8 february 1819,  – 20 january 1900) […]

My 28th painted picture (Mon 28e tableau)

A very pretty realistic artistic creation (I’m proud of it). Here, space, light and color play – together – to give the natural balance, the deeper, the mystery nice and positive, the feeling of excitement and satisfaction, activation of imagination and creativity artistic. None will remain neutral, before […]