Equality and games (off-side 14)

Here are some pictures, I took for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games ‘Rio 2016‘, through my television:

Rio 0Rio 2

Allow me give – on this occasion – 3 observations on the organization of these games:

1) Political influence on this games, like all global sports competitions, become stronger and more affecting the neutrality of sports.

Rio 3Rio 1

2)The scale contains several classes of players, instead of 2 (amateurs and professionals). The treatment of the media, the public, pubs …. And of course the standard of accommodation … radically change from one class to another.

Rio 5Rio 4

3)The pleasure of watching sporting events, is becoming more expensive and out of reach billions of people on earth. The monopolization of transmission of sporting events, by some audio-visual companies may pass the Olympic Games in 2020, far from the eyes of more than 4 billion inhabitants of this planet town.

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  1. That was fantastic. I’m always fond of Olympic Games and the opening ceremony in Rio rocked without doubts. And I can see that from your pictures. 🙂


  2. These games have been so controversial, but in the end it’s a joy to watch athletes strive for excellence. 🙂 Thanks so much for your visit.

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