The Artist

by Enikanoselu ‘Kizo’ Daniels

Like an art he started it all
With a canvas and a palette he expressed it all
I’m not an artist, no not at all
But I’m certain he pictured it all

Starting to design
Everything according to the divine design 
Everyother thing after the same pattern and design
Oh! What a great and wonderful design

Now, considering to create this art
With no existing pattern being able to birth this art
A greater and supreme art
Yes, his masterpiece of all arts

And so the art was created
Out of ‘his’ essence and energy, the art is does created
Alas, he had to carry ‘his’ spirit to be created
The masterpiece of all, created

Now, he bears ‘his’ essence everywhere he goes
Emitting a message everywhere he goes
Displaying the power everywhere he goes
The art revealing the spirit of ‘his’ artist everywhere he goes.

Thanks forEnikanoselu ‘Kizo’ Daniels.

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