My Super Sweet Award

I thank Lola Colleen, who nominated me for this award.
I want to say that, the blog of Lola, colleenackerman , is a blog of very beautiful poetry, very charming and very sensual.
Here is a quote:

“You come to me in every breath of the wind
caressing me now and forever,
stirring the wheat
before bringing the rain
that weeps like the tears I shed for you
in the park
where you died.”                            Lola Colleen

The rules that come with this award are

[1] Show-off the award on your blog (see it above).

[2] Thank the super sweet blogger who nominated you (Thank you Steve).

[3] Answer five super-sweet questions about yourself.

[4] Nominate your favorite super-sweet bloggers.


Here are the 5 questions Lola sent me to answer:

1. Cookies or cakes?

Cookies, homemade by my wife. with a good tea.

2. The chocolate or vanilla?

dark chocolate, high quality

3.favorite treat?


4. When do you crave sweets the most?

When I play Chess

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

I prefer : Raffaello.


  1. I call for this award KHADIJA professional cook, who has an excellent blog (dishdessert), with varied and delicious dish, and especially his good precise and simple method.
  2.  I call for this award Zoe Ruiz very good writer, who has an excellent blog (historiasfurtivasblog), with beautiful stories and images is a talented


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