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Hello wonderful bloggers and friends

I’ve been nominated for the quotes challenge… Yeah, you heard it right. I love quotes because I love how few words hold such a beautiful and life changing message behind them.

One Quote may not be the best thing but it is surely best for a person who needs them at that moment.

Thank you so much Fab Writings for nominating me. 

Who is Fab Writings ?…

” I am a Human. People call me that but I know exactly who I am. I know that I am an Alien.

We aliens, also look like humans and we also have technologies like WordPress on our planets.

Want to take a tour on my planet? Jump aboard on my blog. “


Rules of the Quotes Challenge:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
  2. Post three of your favourite quotes.
  3. Nominate as many bloggers as you want and spread happiness.
  4. Notify the wonderful bloggers you’ve nominated.


My quotes:

I) In life, things that have the most value are those that have no price.

                                                                Guillaume Musso (born June 6, 1974, Antibes, France)








II) In art, what is important is not material; but what we mean.

Nikolai Maslov, (born 1954, is a comic book writer, Russian)


III) All unrequited sentiment, is a kind of aggression.

Natalie Clifford Barney (American letters woman, Born October 31, 1876, Dayton, United States. Death: February 2, 1972, Paris)


Time for the nominations! Too tough…









Tinny Time




I hope you will accept this list défi.Ma’s just my way of saying that I value and I love my blog friends

The nomminés are not the only ones that I love, the initial list contains 750 friends of my blog. I salute them all.

(NB: The challenge had no logo, the logos with this post are my own creations using them dear friends.)



21 réflexions sur “Quotes Challenge

  1. Alozade, merci si j’ai bien compris je suis nommée pour répondre à des questions, c’est gentil d’avoir pensé a moi, merci.
    Toutefois je n’ai en ce moment pas franchement le temps de faire ce challenge, de plus l’Anglais n’est pas ma langue et je ne me sens pas à l’aise de faire cela dans cette langue.
    Toutefois j’apprécie l’attention et regrette de devoir décliné. Amitiés

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