BEAUTY IN NATURE (D4): My collection of pictures of flowers (Art and beauty Images for you-10-)

Dear friends and readers:
In my collection of pictures of nature, especially flowers, I have chosen for you, beautiful images of flowers, it is the beauty of nature, the colors of nature, the creation of nature ….. and the technique of the photographer.




58 réflexions sur “BEAUTY IN NATURE (D4): My collection of pictures of flowers (Art and beauty Images for you-10-)

  1. you’re right … but my posts are not linked with the seasons of the year.
    I have a part in my blog, reserved to the beauty (which is and when is located), because beauty is a raw material for art, and for the sake of my readers.

  2. I will tell you -franchement-, My goal of this blog, was not to make money. I released all my creations without selling or request a single $. I handed over 30 free copies as gifts to my dear readers.
    (I think in 2017 to start selling on my website with a good price for my dear friends of the blog …. I hesitated again)

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