Mois : novembre 2016

DIGITAL PAINTING; Digital art and industry

DIGITAL PAINTING Digital art and industry Digital art uses techniques and production equipment (computer, tablet, software, printer, …); But his works are not artificial nor industrial. All artistic creations are never industrial productions; Because they are not collective productions, nor standardized. Digital artistic creation does not use production […]

My 45th painted picture (Mon 45e tableau)

An artistic creation that represents a homogeneous ensemble, constructed with very varied elements, mainly, strict and « wild » lines. The colors balance the system with their depths, and their clarity I hope that this abstract painting pleases you my dear friends. I call it « Lines » une création artistique qui […]

My 44th painted picture (Mon 44e tableau)

A semi-real creation, purely urban, with its subject, its features, its lights, its movements and its feelings. The artistic painting, summarizes the visual attractions of an imaginary avenue during the evening, without plunging into the photographic details and without neglecting the richness of the colors. My basic idea […]