BEAUTY IN NATURE (E1): Kelly birds (Art and beauty Images for you-12-)

Birds are an endless source of energy in natural beauty: beauty of shapes, beauty of colors , life beauty, beauty gestures ….
I chose, in this first part of the beautiful images of birds, the great photographer : Kelly Hay, whom I thank for his permission.


Killty Hay talks about his experience in his blog

« And as for me, well … I am a birds and blooms novice and an overly enthusiastic shutterbug. I’ve been known to take 150 photos (flowers, trees, insects, squirrels, birds) just from a 2 hour walk through the park!  I use whatever camera equipment I have on hand at that moment – my iPhone, a basic “point and shoot” (Nikon L110), or my DSLR (Nikon D3300) – because you just never know when life is going to present you with the perfect photo op! »


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  1. You’re to say that birds are and endless source of energy, I completely agree and those are some of the best picture I have seen on birds.

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