To imagine this picture of abstract painting, I used the shapes and colors of the elements of nature to invent a whole, far from nature.
I hope that this will cause creation, sentimental reactions, rich imagination, and great visual pleasure in viewers.

I call this digital creation: « Drop ».



Pour imaginer ce tableau de peinture abstrait, j’ai utilisé des formes et couleurs des éléments de la nature , pour inventer un ensemble loin de la nature. 

J’espère que cette création provoquera, des réactions sentimentales;  des imaginations riches, et un plaisir, chez les spectateurs.

Je nomme cette création digitale :  » La goutte « .

16 Comments on “My 42ndpainted picture (Mon 42e tableau)

  1. artistic table is a system, which includes elements and relationships, real. but in a global vision imagination and INNOVATIVE

  2. I do too – that way one can take away the impressions they wish.
    But as far as these, the complexity is still there – much can be missed if one doesn’t take time to examine the each part (Just as in life) – which your small piece allowed – then nice to return to the big pucture for yet another segment to examine.

  3. thank you for your good comments.
    I prefer the complicated paintings that represent life complicated, complicated man, complicated universe ….

  4. I like the last one – focusing on a small part allows you to explore one section more (without being distracted by all the rest). It has such nice depth with the layers and overlapping shapes

  5. Cette goutte, c’est une de mes préfères!
    Agréable soirée à vous!

  6. Beautiful colors & design! Many thirst for color, and you provide that with every painting! Thank you! 💛 Christine

  7. Hello my friend – This is lovely. I don’t mean to presume, but I think the English translation for your title might be « Drop » or « The Droplet »

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