MADE THE BEAUTY:Cities 2: PRAGUE – Czech Republic (Art and beauty Images for you-16-)

PRAGUE, capital of the Czech Republic: Prague is home to the office of the Czech President (at the Prague Castle), the Senate (at the Wallenstein Palace), the Chamber of Deputies (Auersper Palace). Its population reaches 1,267,449 inhabitants (2016).
Prague is located in the heart of Europe: about 600 km from the Baltic Sea, 700 km from the North Sea and 700 km from the Adriatic Sea.
The river Vltava crosses Prague for a distance of 31 km, with 18 bridges in the city.
Prague is a city of art, with its monuments, its libraries, and, especially, its artistic statues.




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  1. These are beautiful, thank you! I love Prague, and two of my friends just visited this gorgeous city. I’m going to share your blog with them 🙂 Many blessings, Debbie

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