DIGITAL PAINTING; Digital art and industry


Digital art and industry

Digital art uses techniques and production equipment (computer, tablet, software, printer, …); But his works are not artificial nor industrial.
All artistic creations are never industrial productions; Because they are not collective productions, nor standardized.
Digital artistic creation does not use production chains, and its method of production does not repeat itself, which makes each creation unique.

The production of an artistic creation (traditional or digital) has a simple mode of social division of work close and associated with artisanal production; And very far from the complicated fashion of industrial production.

The use of computer hardware is not a good classification criterion, since artisanal productions and certain arts (such as sculpture) can be – sometimes – more mechanized than industrial productions.
The existence of the technical and scientific bases in the digital art is not enough to create Art and to produce the artistic works. The artist must have a solid foundation: artistic talent, artistic taste, a philosophical vision of the world, life, nature, humanity and the universe (little used in industrial production).

Industrial production adds to the world “products” which are no longer “natural“, so industry is the opposition of nature. Artistic creation forms the 3rd angle of the triangle, it uses elements of nature and industrial and technical products, and adds the “genius” of the artist, to create the “work” of Art.



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  1. We (artists and literaries) must explain to our readers, what we do. So that our friends (scientists, economists and technicians) can enhance our work and our creations.
    And also, to help young beginners, understand how they should be, real artists and real writers.
    It is our duty, dear friend 😉

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