Dear friends and readers.
In this new category of my site, I will give you a simplified idea, to understand the structure of one of my artistic creations: its elements, layers, ideas, technical construction …

This analysis does not aim to guide you, influence your taste or frame your imagination.
I hope you enjoy this category and help beginners in digital painting.


To realize my 46th artistic creation, I imagined a system constructed of 5 different tables, which are superimposed, to form an imaginary whole very homogeneous, built of elements 100% of nature.

The 5 paintings are, in fact scientific, bio-climatic stages, which rise from the low altitude (a few meters), to the highest altitude (some thousands of meters).
In each painting / stage, the climate, the structure of the rocks, the plants, the lights, the colors and the movements change radically.
The main beauty of this creation lies in the brilliant impression of the overall image of its 5 tables / stages.
The imaginary system of this creation, contains a strong thread, which connects the 5 tables / stages: the fog which is the flow which circulates from the bottom upwards  . This comunic flux, in each stage, with the horizontal motions of the humid air . It is the relationship of life (flowers), with the distant infinite (heaven).

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