(Off-side .35)Climate change deniers

With a wave of heat on the Barossa Valley (Australia), pollution on Paris, Tropical depression on Madagascar, the storm of snow on Haiti, The storm with strong swell on Phuket (Thailand), Belgium that will be hit a day or The other by a super-storm, …. and the inhabitants of the atoll of Bikini, in the Pacific, who claimed the climate asylum in the United States: Let us talk a little about the climate which changes catastrophically….


12 réflexions sur “(Off-side .35)Climate change deniers

  1. It is true … It is a war, between intellectuals and scientists, against economists, investors and politicians.
    The same war, was on cigarettes …. investors won it 🙁

  2. This is really an issue of money and power to even try to deny climate change. In Florida for example, government officials are ordered not to use the term ‘climate change’ while on the payroll. It is a systematic and wide propaganda to deny the science by the republican party and corporations. It is not even about misinformation- there are too many facts that prove it. It is the growing problem of accountability and where wealth can override truth, justice, and responsibility and get away with it.

  3. One could understand the deniers when the debate started but now there so many proofs on extreme weather. If Trump insists and is successful with stopping the process it’s likely that China does the same

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