An abstract creation that causes a lot of imagination and emotions; Thanks to its forms, its beaches, and its groups of colors.

This creation is based on the play of lines, on a non-stable blue background.
The chauvashments and the interactions, trigger the effort of the brains of the spectators.
The balance of the color system gives a psychic satisfaction.

It is also a beautiful painting of decoration.It adds to the dark spaces, light and ambiance.

ALOZADE A. names this creation: « Columns ».


13 réflexions sur “MY 47th PAINTED PICTURE.

  1. You will receive by mail mail: the original copy (very high dimension) + certificate of originality + authorization of unlimited use.You will be the sole owner of this creation in the world).
    You can make the prints phisique, personal or commercial, easily with your studio.
    Prices are not fixed. Every creation has its price. (Example: my 46th: original copy $ 850 simple copy $ 45 …. my 47th. Original copy $ 1200 .copie simple $ 22)
    kisses friend.🌻

  2. Thank you very much for the encouragement. I do 2 kinds of sale: * selling the original digital copy. (You will be the exclusive owner of this creation). * Sale of a digital copy with your name and signature on it (for personal prints). What do you prefer my dear friend?

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