DIGITAL PAINTING:Visual language in the abstract.

The abstract is the main artistic tendency in the painting of the twentieth century.It can be traced back to around In 1907, with the work of Wilhelm Worringer, titled: Abstraktion und Einfühlung (Abstraction and empathy).

The great painters, founders of abstract painting are: Vassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), Adolf Hoelzel (1853-1934),Arthur Dove (1880-1946), Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957), Hermann Obrist (1863-1927), Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)  Kasimir Malevitch (1878-1935) , Alfred Roller (1864-1935), Man Ray (1890-1976),  …


Abstract painting uses a formal, pictorial and linear language to take liberties, to modify reality, color and form, and to create a composition independent of the existing visual references in the sensitive world. It is a non-traditional representation of reality and imagery in art.

The artist of abstract painting uses a pictorial technique, resorting to his imagination, so that no exact human form, animal, vegetable or nature must be directly visible at the first blow, in his artistic creation.

The artist of the abstract painter seeks to paint through his emotions, his fears, his anger, his joys, his memories, his ideologies and his logic. Synchromism, cubism, and especially futurism and tachism symbolizes the States of soul of the artist or his personal vision of the world.


Since the artist of the abstract painter always leaves out the real and external appearances of the message he wants to convey to his audience. The viewer must concentrate and appeal to his “self”, his memory, his feelings, his imagination and his artistic spirit in order to come to grips with the idea that the painter wishes to entrust to his Public, and innovate his personal idea. Everything must come from the depths of the soul and the imaginative spirit; Whether for the painter or the spectator.

“Think of the musical part that color will take in modern painting. The color that is vibrating as well as the music is able to reach what is most general and therefore more vague in nature: its inner strength.Vassily Kandinsky

“I call abstract art all art that contains no reminder, no evocation of reality observed, whether this reality is, or is not the starting point of the artist” Michel Ragon

When a viewer asks me the question: “What should we see in this creation?” ; I answer: “An abstract painting represents nothing, it is an emotion, it is a cry” ALOZADE Ahmed


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  1. je suis heureux puisque tu as aimé mon article ,avec plusieurs amis et lecteurs. Si t’as une question , un sujet pour prochain article ou des remarques , n’hésite pas ma chère amie de me les envoyer. 😉

  2. When I imagine an artistic creation, I take into consideration, climatic conditions, and other natural and human conditions. They are variables of the psychophysical system of our life.
    Thank you my dear Christine 🙂

  3. Ahmed, the first two paintings give the feeling of cold, and approaching snow! What the mid-west and east coast (USA) experienced the last few days. Thank you for the abstract history! 💛 Christine

  4. I like abstract paintings. Some people say that they want to see an understand what’s in the painting. My argument is that then you could just as well take a photo.

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