When the charming nature, the traditional historical monuments, the Japanese personality, and the modernity come together, they give the city Kyoto.
Kyoto is a large city located on Honshu Island, southwest of Lake Biwa. Former capital of Japan named Heian-kyo in the emperors’ period (until the Meiji Restoration of 1868), it is often considered the most beautiful traditional Japanese city.


Still modest in size compared to the major Japanese cities, with 1.474 million inhabitants (2010), just over 800 km², Kyoto is particularly attractive for its traditional environment, as well as the presence of countless temples, sanctuaries and other Japanese gardens that shaped its architecture as much as its identity.


Beginning in 2015, the city is planning significant work and evolutions aimed at residents and tourists, notably with a view to the expiry of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Considered as the cultural capital of Japan, it hosts many Unesco World Heritage sites, to the delight of tourists (they were about 50 million in 2014, all nationalities combined).


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  1. I always look for beauty, all over the world. To give pleasure, to my friends readers.🍒

  2. Truly beautiful city … I was there when the Sakura 2015, would love to go back today.

  3. exactement. Je chercerai toujours la beauté qui existe partout sur notre terre . et je la presente à mes chers amis .

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