MY 49th PAINTED PICTURE: “Charm of the damage”

To create this abstract creation I needed a lot of imagination and feelings.
This creation is based on the idea of covering reality with images of geometric fragments, representing different human damage.
I realized an amazing result: an innovative artistic ensemble, full of charm and emotions.
In decoration it is a beautiful masterpiece, which gives joy to spaces, light and atmosphere to spaces.
I name this creation of painting: “Charm of the damage“.

22 réflexions sur “MY 49th PAINTED PICTURE: “Charm of the damage”

  1. true. The elements that represent the damage, which covers the face of nature, are also beautiful and harmonious, which produces a whole of beauty and joy … that’s the secret of this creation.

  2. A very powerful energy, movement and modernity in this classic image of mountains 🙂 Very interesting ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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