If you are planning to fly to Singapore, you can be sure that the attractions of the trip will start before you even leave the airport bound for your hotel. All because Changi Airport Singapore, the city airport, has been considered the best in the world by several rankings since 2006!

But what makes this airport so special? First, you will not have to worry about the time spent on a long connection, as Changi offers passengers in transit not just one but two free city tours. To participate in any of them, you only need to prove that you are in transit, have permission to leave the airport and have 5:30 to 6 hours there.


Even so, those who prefer to spend time inside the airport itself will also have a great variety of activities for the whole family. Perhaps the most interesting of these is a cinema open 24 hours a day at terminals 2 and 3 of the airport, which offers movies totally free to travelers. In addition, many works of art are scattered throughout various areas of the airport (see all here).


If the goal is to relax, the airport also has spa options at terminals 1 and 2, as well as a garden with more than 1000 butterflies. In addition, families with children can enjoy Singapore’s largest slide in the middle of the airport, 12 meters high. To get to the joke, you only have to present a $ 10 tax bill spent at the airport – which will not be so difficult, considering the huge amount of shops that exist there.


Apart from all these attractions, the airport still has 160 options for restaurants, bars and cafes capable of killing anyone’s hunger, a games area (also free) in Terminal 3 and many spaces geared for children. For an extra charge, you can also relax in the pools located on the airport terrace while watching the planes departing and arriving there!


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