Mois : janvier 2017

My 13th painting: FLOORS AND SUMMIT

This painting of Digital Painting (which I created on 24 May 2016), is a return to the splendid real nature. This table represents the bio-climatic stages, which follow each other from bottom to top. It is a natural (and scientific) reality; But it is also a socio-economic-cultural reality. […]

My 52nd painting :« The shy peaks »

May painting « The shy peaks », is another abstract creation of the style « Covering » (as in my 51st). « Covering«  is hiding, part of the real, with a very vibrant and colorful image. Image of a complex but homogeneous system. The picture of painting becomes deep, rich, bi-structured and […]

My 30th painted picture

A beautiful abstract painting, which is based on semi-geometric shapes, direct lines, five levels and families of colors. Creation of several superimposed levels and dimensions that form the charm of its fabric, and produce an emotional background. I call this creation: « The Five  D « . ALOZADE Ahmed