I present my dear friends, my last creation of digital painting.
A beautiful creation of realistic tendency, where I represented the winter climate, as is seen in the temperate countries – especially the Mediterranean ones – which is characterized by its dense and dark clouds which give abundant rains.
The urban human climate is characterized by semi-empty streets, where the heat and the play of lights and reflections reign.
I name this artistic creation: « Under the Rain »

Je vous présente, mes chers amis, ma dernière création de peinture numérique.
Une belle création de tendance réaliste, où jai representé le climat hivernal, comme on le vit dans les pays tempérés – surtout méditerranniens – qui se caractérise par ses nuages denses et sombres qui donnent des pluies abondantes .
Le climat humain urbain, se caracterise, par les rues semi vides, où regnent la chaleur et le jeu des lumières et des reflets.
Je nomme cette création artistique: « Sous la pluie »

35 réflexions sur “MY 50th PAINTED PICTURE.

  1. Ahmed, this painting is exceptionally beautiful and lifelike. I love the practical detail. It’s what a heavy raining day looks like. Thank you! 💛 Christine

  2. Thank you for your encouragement and your remarks. The drops of rain fall with great speed, the eyes look at the drop in the form of a small line (the line = the set of images of a drop that moves very quickly in a time of view)

  3. I particularly like the detail, shown in the third image on the right, falling raindrops captured in motion, perhaps why they’re elongated, or otherwise some sort of shafts, falling out of the sky, churned out by cliamate change or geo engineering. The swiggly and snaky bits with little heads, and the dot like structures on the road and pavements could look like bacteria or fungi. A good piece. Thx

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