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Photo of the title: Amanante (talk)

In the political informations of this week, I hear a lot of the name Astana. When I did a search on this city, I was amazed by its exceptional beauty, I present it to you, my friends:

ASTANA is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, since December 10, 1997. Previously known as Akmolinsk (814,435 inhabitants in 2014).


The city was awarded the « Cities for Peace » prize of Unesco in 1999.

Astana is located in the heart of the Kazakh steppe, on the right bank of the Ichim River. It is distinguished by a resolutely avant-garde architecture, which combines skyscrapers, modernist monuments, historic monuments and green spaces.These are the best examples:


Peretz Partensky



* The presidential palace says Ak Orda (= « White House »)


Amanante (talk)


* The monuments of the NATO Korgaushylar square.


* The former Palais des Cheminots, which has since been transformed into a theater of Kazakh opera.


* Administrative and government buildings (sutout, the modern building of the Ministry of Finance).


Attila kz (talk | contribs)


* The Avenue of the Republic.


Ken and Nyetta


* The Museum of Modern Art and opposite the Presidential Museum.


* The National Mosque, the Catholic Church, and the new synagogue.




* The Bayterek, the symbol of the city, is a monument and observation tower.


Ken and Nyetta




Doris Rieck


* The Khan Shatyr is a huge transparent tent, 150 m high on an elliptical base of 140 000 square meters, It is home to a gigantic leisure complex.



Ken and Nyetta


* The modern buildings:


Ken and Nyetta


Astana was chosen to organize the International Exhibition 2017 « Expo 2017 » on the theme « Energy of the future »; Between 10-JUN-2017 to 10-SEP-2017.The constructions for this exhibition are architectural masterpieces:


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  1. Astana has snow from October to May. And this place is very very windy. But, still the architecture there looks impressive. All of this is the new part of city, the left bank of Ishim. The old town, is on the right bank, and it has typical soviet architecture.

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