Read a work of art – For the pleasure of learning to look and feel

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To read a work of art, it is in a way, to confront it in what it offers us, to let the emotions emerge as they come, in a spirit of openness and thus, to frequent the intimacy of a An artistic universe which, at first glance, is not necessarily familiar to us.
The main obstacle we can face is that we all have our brains cluttered with a multitude of images constructed according to our own experiences and perceptions of reality. It is thus that by dint of seeing, it happens that we are no longer able to « look » and « feel ».
 It is possible to be surprised and not to like what one sees, even to be shocked, but it nevertheless suggests to pay attention to it in order to better understand the work and the impressions that inhabit us.

I translated for you these few pieces of an article by Caroline Houde (consultant in art and artistic career), which I thank very much; His article – in French – is published on his site:

Photo of title:Ms. Nicole Brière shares her views on two works by Canadian artist Ryan Sluggett. On the right, a work by Josée Landry Sirois. Photo credit: Isabelle Houde Photographer

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