My 13th painting: FLOORS AND SUMMIT

This painting of Digital Painting (which I created on 24 May 2016), is a return to the splendid real nature.

This table represents the bio-climatic stages, which follow each other from bottom to top. It is a natural (and scientific) reality; But it is also a socio-economic-cultural reality.
Each « Floor » has its characters, its conditions, its inconveniences, its proportions « of pure air », its beauties, its difficulties, its colors, its clouds, and its secrets.

The chosen colors are strictly « natural », the lines and the lights are changed according to the conditions.


Original photo of the room:   Author:laurenzeiner,

A beautiful artistic painting, which will also serve the lovers of the beautiful scenery impressive.



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  1. This is beautiful. I love mountains and seeing them in a misty setting. Also, I love seeing mountains in the clouds. You captured mountains in the clouds perfectly.

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