My 53th painting « Moroccan winter »

My painting « Moroccan winter« , is a creation imagined from the conditions of my personal life:
I have presented in this creation colors that are in my neighborhood,
I presented the appearances of the climate of my region in the winter season. (It is the clouds, the fog and the rain that exist today around me).
I have presented our urban roads, which carry large quantities of water and mud, they do not easily manage to eliminate it.
I presented the psychic state little dark, people despite the sun that does not hide too long.
I hope to succeed my artistic message for the spectators and especially my friends readers.


17 réflexions sur “My 53th painting « Moroccan winter »

  1. I hope to help you, with my creations, my images and my information, to travel to Morocco and other corners of the world; As I travel, with your blog, in Japan (which I like). thank you my friend Nasuko

  2. Thank you very much, my dear friend Robert. I know the climate of New york (in detail) and of all countries, because I am a geographer. The “gray” psychic situation I represented in my creation is not linked to the climate alone, it is linked (90%) to the situation of economic, social and – above all – cultural underdevelopment. I hope you understand what I mean, my friend.

  3. Dear A.A. – I like this image you’ve created, but I hope you won’t be disappointed in my reaction – – here in the northeast U.S., we live with snow, mud, water, and very little sunshine, and perhaps a bit dark right now emotionally, so your Moroccan winter looks quite cheerful from where we are! I think if you were in New York, you’d work only in shades of brown and gray! 🙂 I am enjoying both your artwork and your collections of photos, and hope you will won’t mind my comment!

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