Mois : février 2017

My 55th painting: « Purple sky »

Title painting: Purple sky Style: Abstract (Covering) Medium: Digital painting Creation date: February 11, 2017 Artist: ALOZADE Ahmed Another beautiful abstract digital painting. Which is characterized by its infinite depth and the homogenization of families of colors. This is another abstract creation of the style « Covering » (as in my […]

My 54th painted picture: « Megalomaniac »

Megalomaniac Another beautiful digital abstract painting. Which necissité long duration of research, analysis, imagination, and structuring, before realization. Technically, I summarize this creation with 3 words: * Infinite Depth * Size * Homogenity of families of colors Background image The subject is infinitely variable. So I leave you […]

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU(33.): Sculptures not very famous(2)

I have sought, in several countries, artistic beauties, not very celebrated; This is what I found for you: Photo of title: The Horses, Vienna, Austria  Photography: Danteismycat / Thorfinn Karlsefni Héros , Reykjavik, Iceland Author: tpsdave / National Pony Express Monument, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Author: Ken Lund  (Some rights reserved) / […]

Photos of my country

CAFE LHAFA I present my photos, from a beautiful corner, where the wonderful panoramic view. Here the cafe (known as Café « Lhafa » – which means the slope – created in 1921 to the north of the city of Tangier) extends on terraces « in stairs » on a slope giving […]