Photos of my country


I present my photos, from a beautiful corner, where the wonderful panoramic view.

Here the cafe (known as Café « Lhafa » – which means the slope – created in 1921 to the north of the city of Tangier) extends on terraces « in stairs » on a slope giving a very high view towards the Strait of Gibraltar (13km from the sea).




The landscape is close to the rocky beach with its fishermen – at the bottom of the photo – the sea with its “bus” boats (which transport the travelers every hour between Morocco and Spain), and the Spanish coast with Tarifa – top Of the picture -.

In this mythical café they have passed famous artistic and literary celebrities. From Paul Bowles to Mohamed Choukri, Jean Genet to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Sean Connery, William Burroughs and many others … and thousands of young people who dream (With tea glasses) of going beyond Of this strait in Europe.lhaffa-tanger-016



Author of photos: ALOZADE Ahmed ; (All rights reserved.Forbidden to download )

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