My 11th painting: Environment & Red

Environment & Red


My 11th painting_ Environment & Red_ALOZADE A.

One of my first abstract paintings. I love her so much

The main idea of this creation of digital painting is “Fuzzy spaces”: We live in several spaces at the same time, they are all overlapping, all confused, all polluted, all indeterminate, all representatives of “relative reality” .


My 11th painting: Environment & Red(details1)_ALOZADE A.

The technique used has a will to shock, with a good dose of beauties of colors, homogeneity, reflections, and brushstrokes, ….


My 11th painting: Environment & Red(details2)_ALOZADE A.

It is a painting that causes the imagination and feelings, it creates an atmosphere around it, it does not accept to be neglected.


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