Many of you, imagine difficult digital painting on a computer or on a tablet.
I can assure you all that the most difficult in drawing and in painting (digital or traditional) is creation, imagination, choice of subject, depth and colors …. They ask for a TRUE ARTISTIC TALENT.
If you have the talent and the will, I encourage you to start studies and trainings, on your usual computer tool, with FREE and FACILS software (Begin using the software, by drawing before thinking painting).

Here are some examples of these software:


Sketch Studio 2008.1

Software designed especially for people who want to learn how to draw on a computer.
 The software is designed around a simplified interface, the choices of brushes are limited.

The software integrates drawing lessons. Which guide you, from simple coloring to the realization of a realistic drawing.
However, you can create particularly complex drawings once the tool has been mastered. You can save your completed drawing in JPG format.

Inkscape 0.92.1

A vector drawing software, which offers a large number of drawing elements for amateurs: elementary shapes, paths, clones, transformations, Boolean operations, gradients, groupings, layers.

Mandala Painter 1.0

A powerful drawing software, easy to access. This software is mainly specialized in the creation of Kaleidoscopes.It integrates all the classic tools to draw well: pencils, creation of lines and shapes, color effects, filling … and a large database of shapes and templates.

Krita 3.0.1

Free software for drawing and image processing

Paint UWP

Fire Paintbrush, which has hardly evolved functionally for years, evolved under the name of Paint, drawing software shipped with Windows 10.

MyPaint 1.0.0

The software that will allow you to draw, paint and make illustrations and sketches under Windows and Linux

Art Weaver 1.0

This software offers an arsenal of brushes of all kinds: acrylic or oil paint, felt, pencil, chalk, charcoal, pencil, pads, sponges.

Artweaver 6.0

Software intended, almost exclusively, for digital painting, it proposes a nice number of brushes: Acrylics, vaporizers, calligraphy, chalk, charcoal, squares tales, felts…

CyberLink YouPaint 1.5

An ideal software for, children who have the artistic talent of painting,. They can create works with the mouse, with a tablet as well as with the touch screen in Windows 7. It gives a wide range of colors, a marker, a brush, a chalk.



This list is not exhaustive.

I do not include “paid” software, which are intended for professional artists.




  1. Very complet information for anyone starting digital art. I’ll just keep enjoying all of you extraordinary work, Ahmed. I’m in the process of writing a book! 💛 Christine

  2. Thank You for the offer; I’ll certainly look your way if ever I find myself going in that direction. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy the creations of people such as you… 🙂

  3. Thank you for your favorable opinion, which encourages me a lot. If you start painting, I will be at your disposal, for any advice.🌺🌿🍒

  4. I always use Paint to create drawings and diagrams for my blog, which is quite a juvenile programme so I’ll give some of these software a go!

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