Mois : mars 2017

Second exercise in digital painting

Pourquoi pas toi? Simplifications pour vous (4) VOICI QUELQUES TECHNIQUES POUR SIMPLIFIE EXPLICATION DES LECTEURS, ET DÉBUTANTS DE PASSIONNÉS DE LA PEINTURE DIGITAL. Deuxième exercice en peinture numérique Dans ce post, je vous présente, avec une méthode simple, la théorie des couleurs. Chaque peintre débutant doit connaître en […]

Early spring in Morocco

Photos of my country Early spring in Morocco I took these few photos – for you my friends – in the suburbs of my city, during this month of March. It is the beginning of the spring in Morocco (Temperature max 19 ° min 10 °): Personal photos […]

Digital Painter (1)

  DIGITAL PAINTING Digital Painter (1) DRAŽENKA KIMPEL Impetuous-Arrival-by–Drazenka-Kimpel Photo, Author:lundrah.sawson. Source: (Some rights reserved) Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Drazenka Kimpel is a awarded, licensed, digital illustrator who has worked on projects for a variety of gaming, comic and publishing companies around the world, as well as corporate […]

My 59th painting: « Live in reverse »

My 59th painting TITLE PAINTING: Live in reverse ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: My 59th digital painting creation, is is an abstract artistic representation of a new theme that causes questions and emotions. The reality lived, never sticks with our perceived image, and is not subject to the socio-cultural […]

Roman monuments in Morocco

Photos of my country Roman monuments in Morocco The North of Morocco, formerly called « Mauretania Tingitane », had known the installation of the Roman Empire from the first century. Plutard, it passes under direct Roman administration, until the 5th century. Roman civilization has left many monumental and archaeological traces […]

First exercises in digital painting

DIGITAL PAINTING Author:San Remo. (Some rights reserved) Why not you? Simplifications for you (3): THESE ARE SOME TECHNICAL EXPLANATION SIMPLIFIED FOR READERS, ENTHUSIASTS AND BEGINNERS OF THE DIGITAL PAINTING. First exercises After having your computer equipment, and prepare your working conditions; Begin technical training: I present you the first […]

My 58th painting: « Seabed »

MY 58th PAINTING Title painting: SEABED Artist: ALOZADE Ahmed description: To prepare this creation, I imagined myself in the depths of an ocean, watching beautiful reliefs and charming fish. My artistic mind refused the photographic image. So I chose the charm of the abstract style that keeps natural […]

Sculptures not very famous(4)

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU: Sculptures not very famous(4) I have sought, in several countries, artistic beauties, not very celebrated; This is what I found for you: The German Fountain, historical donation of the German community, in Forest Park in the Santiago area, Chile User: Silvernet2~commonswiki. Source: Henry Moore […]