Analysis of my 57th painting

I propose a fairly broad analysis, which gives you an idea of my work, my method and my vision. This analysis does not aim to direct your gaze or perception.
I hope for myself, and be enlightening to the beginners of digital painting.

Flee the lines



After a series of realistic creations, I chose to create an abstract painting, with a new style for me.
  I have chosen a psycho-social idea as a subject: every man lives in a cage of a set of lines, which represents cultural, social, political and economic limits.
The emotional moment, which deserves more to be represented on the painting, is the moment when Man tries to flee this very complicated system. To seek happiness in another future and another space.


The main indicators that represent the subject in my painting are:

  • Complexity represents the complexity of the social system.
  • The lines, with several forms and several colors, represent the laws, the customs, the ideologies, the obligations.
  • The hair, the dress and the foot, are some elements of a human being running away.
  • The background with its bright colors, represents the imaginary objective of the fugitive.57_dd2

The bottom


For the background, I used the “cloud” method, to produce an attractive and discreet fabric.

  • For the lines, I changed their shapes and directions a lot, they kept all their rigidity.
  • I drew the 3 objects (hair, dress, foot), with the precision of the realistic style, to give them life.
  • The movement position of the 3 objects is clear in the direction of the hair, the shape of the dress and the position of the foot. With little imagination you can see the person running.




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