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Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Drazenka Kimpel is a awarded, licensed, digital illustrator who has worked on projects for a variety of gaming, comic and publishing companies around the world, as well as corporate and private clients.
Her work has been featured in international publications such as Expose, Exotique, D’artiste, Digital Art Masters, ImagineFX Magazine, Layers Magazine, Digital Art Magazine and many websites and online forums..

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Photo, Author:lundrah.sawson. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Draženka is completely self-taught in design and illustration.  Her style of painting is greatly influenced by the Neoclassical and Pre-Raphaelite masters, through their use of color and narrative surroundings.  She is highly fond of fantasy as a base for her subject matter, which gives her essential freedom to depict her own style of unknown visions, with romantic undertones and human interaction.  Her ability to adapt to different styles of painting and design has helped her to work on different marketing campaigns.

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Photo, Author:lundrah.sawson. Source: (Some rights reserved)


Throughout my life I had artistic inclinations, but it was in 1999 that drawing became my profession. At present (March 2010) I work as freelance graphic designer and illustrator of fantasy. My drawings have been published by various publishing houses such as Future Publishing, Ballistic Publishing, Imagine Publishing, Kelby Media and Focal Press.

I can not say I’ve done a lot of role-playing in the past. Before I became a professional illustrator, I experimented with addiction to adventure video games such as the King’s Quest series and the Sierra Entertainment Shivers series, and the Myst series from Midway Games, among many others that I still like to play nowadays. But although I was not directly involved in role-playing, I always had this desire to be part of the gaming industry across the world of drawing. So you can call me a novice in this field. I did cover illustration of Lankhmar Unleashed for Mongoose Publishing and I hope this will open up a little more door because I am quite open and looking forward to working for the gaming industry .

Apart from being an illustrator and spending all my time in front of the computer screen, I love to fly kites, play geocaching and do antique hunting.

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  1. Beautiful Painting Choices, and lovely to learn a little about how you started art.. Keep Flying Kites my friend.. 🙂 And have a good day..

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