6th exercise in digital painting

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6th exercise in digital painting

To move the feelings of the spectators, the artist uses not only the different families of colors and the different forms of lines and spots. He also uses a hidden weapon called VALUES.
Values, in digital painting, are the set of contradictory degrees of luminous bright parts and dark shadow parts, in an artistic creation.

The professional artist can feel with his eyes the values of an image. The beginning artist must use a technical means to test the values of his creations.
  In this exercise; I advise you, my friends, to convert your image in colors to a black white image (use an application or a software, for example: http://www.convertir-une-image.com/effets-photo/effet-noir- And-white.asp).

Let’s try some pictures together:

  1. In painting 1, the image in black white gives us very low values, which makes the image monotonous and cold, despite the beautiful subject and the right choice of colors (the artist will be able to choose this type of images , When it seeks calmness the cold and the sweetness)Valeur 1 AValeur 1 B
  2. In painting 2, the black white image gives us very high values, which makes the image emotional and warm, with the same subject and the same colors of the painting.Valeur 2 AValeur 2 B
  3. In painting 3, the image in black white, gives us very low values, despite the good colors the image is too dark, too monotonous, and too heavy.
    The great distance between the parts of the image that gives the great exciting value.

Valeur 3 A

Valeur 3 B

4. Let’s try, to test the values of my latest creation :

My 66th_Multidimensional Dream
My 66th _» Multidimensional Dream


What do you notice ?

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  1. Each painting is a systematic set,
    The choice of colors is only possible if the effects of the colors form a fundamental element in the three bases of this system (structure, subject and objective).

  2. You are right my dear friend 😉 … I worked this creation on a two-dimensional surface. But the technical method I used, added other dimensions to the vision of this painting.

  3. Is it my eyes or in the final b&w photo it seems to be more two dimensional and the color more 3 dimensional. I dunno. could just be me and my eyes.

  4. The final b/w digital piece is really interesting. I feel a movement in space. Well done! <3

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