7th exercise in digital painting

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7th exercise in digital painting

In the game of colors, that the artist must be well mastered, there are two related concepts: Heat and Homogeneity

Let us try, together, this exercise with its images:

  1. Take a picture of a chromatic circle (paper or computer).
    Notice the colors associated with water and sky; These are the cold colors.
    Notice the other colors, associated with the sun, fire and blood; These are the warm colors.
    Draw a line that separates the foides and the warm :

Chaudes et froides1

Observe: When a color contains more blue, it is colder. When a color contains more red and / or yellow, it is warmer.

2. When several colors are used, all of which have a common complexion, they form a homogeneous whole.
Look, the set of degraded colors of blue and red in picture 1:

ensemble_froide-chaude_homogenité douce

  1. The artist will be able to make the transition flexible, from one cold color to another warm (or the reverse), which gives a gentle homogeneity. As in picture 2:

ensemble_froide-chaude_homogenité douce2b

4. But in most cases the artist must keep the shocking trasition between the colors, for a psychic effect, which gives an abrupt homogeneity. As in picture 3:

ensemble_froide-chaude_homogenité dure1b

5. The homogeneity becomes weak, whatever the heat of the colors used and the method of transition chosen, if these colors do not have a common color that connects them. (See pictures 4 and 5)
The artist may choose this weak homogeneity for revolutionary reasons.

ensemble_froide-chaude_homogenité fible b

6. Maintain, look at a detail of my 69th painting (Bi-charm). Search:
* What cool colors? What warm colors?
* What color gives homogeneity?
* What homogeneity?
* Your emotion?


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