8th exercise in digital painting

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8th exercise in digital painting:

The depth

The artist works on a flat space of two dimensions (a screen in digital painting), but, it must help his viewers to conceive in the drawn image, a third dimension.
The viewer must easily distinguish the near object and the object away, the shots of the image that succeed to the deepest distance, the 3D dances of the elements, the distances, the intersection and the overlap of the elements.
It is giving the painting its depth.

To create the depth, the artist uses at least 2 techniques at the same time: lights and movements

A) Lights:

Let us try, together, this exercise with its images:

Know well, my friends, that there is no image without light, and which says light necessarily says shadows. The artist must always imagine the source (or sources) of light for its creation. This source of light that will guide him in his choice of the values of his colors:

  1.  Draw with me a cube on a paper or on your screen, it is only traces on a white ground, without any depth (picture 1)


2. Imagine a source of light to the right of our drawing:
    a-The face that receives the strong light will be covered with a very light color (here I           chose yellow and white)

   b- the surface that receives the average light, will be in color a little dark
   c- The surface that receives very dim light, will be in very dark color (black or with a              high dose of black).

Our eyes now perceive the third dimension of our cube.(picture 2)

Lumière 2B

3. Continue with the same source of light, to add the shadow behind the cube. We have two choices:
      a- the source of light is the sun, too far from us, its rays arrive (almost) parallel, the                  shadow will be as in picture 3


         b- the source of light is a lamp (red dot), too close to us, its rays arrive scattered, the shadow will be as in image 4


4. Now, with an object of a complex shape (a finger)

a- draw the diagram, “lines on white surface” (Image1)

Doigt 1B

b- Giving life with a human skin color (Image 2)

Doigt 2B

c- Let us imagine, the source of light on the right; Add dark degraded colors, in parts that receive very little light (Picture 3)

Doigt 3B

d-Let us imagine, always, the source of light on the right; Add bright degraded colors in areas with strong light (Picture 4)

Doigt 4B

Our finger takes shape, and its third dimension, its image will be thus, artistic and attractive.

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