I go back to this very interesting definition as a basis for my dear friends and readers, especially the beginners of digital painting.


My 49_ « Charm of the damage »_ALOZADE Ahmed

Digital Painting is a form of painting in which digital tools are applied instead of traditional techniques (pencil, oil painting, charcoal, impasto, acrylics). The canvas, paintbrushes, colors, Cloths, gums, etc. are applied using a digital software, in a computer tool (PC, tablet, etc.); The creations downloaded and then printed.

Digital painting is used by professional or amateur artists to create digital artistic creations (Drawing, painting, … etc); As it is practiced by technical professionals to satisfy the visual demands of the market, such as illustrations, backstage and designs used by economic activities (production of video games, television programs, comics, Decorative themes, … ..).


Mini shapes (right), drawn with digital brushes (left).


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  3. For you, my amateur friends, I published technical exercises and theoretical definitions, in the category: WHAT IS DIGITAL PAINTING?
    I am at your service, my friend 😉

  4. Such a lovely mix of colors. With this digital painting amateurs like me can try their hands on painting😀

  5. My latest software: paint. I think to change my hardware and my software in a few months. I encourage you to try digital painting. I am at your disposal for all help. My dear Regina 💜

  6. Thank you for the definition. I learned something today. What software application do you use?

  7. You are the good performer. You can criticize Art. Your opinion interests me my dear 😊

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