The art of Balthasar

Philosophy of Art:

The art of Balthasar

Art has its language. It is important to know; more important to understand. Which supports the artistic sense, outside the art is grammar, the study of the words, objects expressing the artwork. The spirit that animates the sympathy admirer who understands, is the subjective side is the synthesis. It is not given to everyone to taste. to enjoy an artist. Understanding the empirical sense, it is not yet understand artistically.
Concrete, possessed, experienced, is the artistic significance. Change any element: such a nice vowel sound such as movement is to compromise the enjoyment; It is in any case the change altogether. The artistic language is the most demanding of all languages. It is only after that the meaning, even to the artist who receives too, and that does not create. Because the artist is surprised and delighted by his work; He reads the first and best understands. It looks like the gardener who looks after the trees and see them blossom and bear fruit. Is to destroy an artistic sketch as yet add. It is an artistic sketch; work as thrust completed, it would be miserable … The unit is no longer the same, the criterion of artistic value is different.

(translated from French, by Google translation, I apologize for the errors)

Hans Urs von Balthasar

[Philosopher, priest and theologian; Born in Lucerne (Switzerland) on 12 August 1905 and died in Basel (Switzerland) on 26 June 1988]

“Art, aesthetic, beauty, philosophy of art and metaphysics”

neo-scholastic philosophy journal, Year 1932 Volume 34 Number 33


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