You can start digital painting?

You can start digital painting?

My 60th_delirium

My 60th _« Delirium »


After watching beautiful digital paintings by the artists; Most of you wonder: why not me?

The question is legitimate, you can imagine digital artist, amateur or professional, and you can start the first steps tonight. BUT you must have some conditions, including:

1) You must have a love of colors, paintings, photos, illustrations, figures, landscapes, fashions … .COMME ART, not just as decor.

2) You must have a « primary » drawing experience of several years (not less than 10 years) .. (your brain always keeps your tastes, your sensations, your joys … that you experienced during the practices of childhood … They will be your artistic intuitions)

3) You must have a study or a classical painting technique course (no less than a year). For these techniques you will have practiced, but with the new computer tools.

4) You must have a strong ambition to BE someone, not to OBSERVE a wealth. Eternal Art is never the right path to wealth (same effort, same energy, same time, same budget … can give you a lot of money in an economic activity .. and quickly)

5) You must have sufficient SPACES to practice, isolate, create, store, archive, and publish … I speak here of several Spaces: Time Space, Surface Space, Budget Space, Computer Download Space, … And Psycho-social Space.

If you have these conditions, be welcome in the next article to read the main steps … .You will be, one day, DIGITAL ARTIST.


« The computer creates nothing, it is the creation of the artist «  ALOZADE Ahmed

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  1. Ahmed, I’m so impressed with your digital painting talent! It would be nice to accomplish something close to it, however experience & technical expertise is needed. I can just enjoy & appreciate what you create! Thank you, 🎨Christine

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