You can start digital painting?

My 60th_delirium

My 60th _« Delirium »


After watching beautiful digital paintings by the artists; Most of you wonder: why not me?

The question is legitimate, you can imagine digital artist, amateur or professional, and you can start the first steps tonight. BUT you must have some conditions, including:

1) You must have a love of colors, paintings, photos, illustrations, figures, landscapes, fashions … .COMME ART, not just as decor.

2) You must have a « primary » drawing experience of several years (not less than 10 years) .. (your brain always keeps your tastes, your sensations, your joys … that you experienced during the practices of childhood … They will be your artistic intuitions)

3) You must have a study or a classical painting technique course (no less than a year). For these techniques you will have practiced, but with the new computer tools.

4) You must have a strong ambition to BE someone, not to OBSERVE a wealth. Eternal Art is never the right path to wealth (same effort, same energy, same time, same budget … can give you a lot of money in an economic activity .. and quickly)

5) You must have sufficient SPACES to practice, isolate, create, store, archive, and publish … I speak here of several Spaces: Time Space, Surface Space, Budget Space, Computer Download Space, … And Psycho-social Space.

If you have these conditions, be welcome in the next article to read the main steps … .You will be, one day, DIGITAL ARTIST.


« The computer creates nothing, it is the creation of the artist «  ALOZADE Ahmed

19 Comments on “You can start digital painting?

  1. Ahmed, I’m so impressed with your digital painting talent! It would be nice to accomplish something close to it, however experience & technical expertise is needed. I can just enjoy & appreciate what you create! Thank you, 🎨Christine

  2. Many people believe that it is enough to have talent and will, to become an artist ….
    it’s false

  3. Interesting. I especially agree that you need a lot of space, time and energy to create. It’s hard to keep at it sometimes.

  4. I visited your site, you do a great job, and a very beautiful art. congratulations my friend

  5. You do beautiful work and you are correct – the computer creates nothing, it the artist that creates.

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