The beauty of the lakes (3)

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The beauty of the lakes

Dear friends and readers
I chose – for you – pictures of exceptional beauty: the beauty of the Lakes, the beauty of surfaces, shapes, colors and especially romantic beauty.


Lake Marian is an alpine lake at the southern end of the Darran Mountains in the Fiordland National Park in the South Island of New Zealand

Author: digitaltrails. (Some rights reserved)


Crater Lake National Park is an American national park (Oregon, United States), characterized by the Crater Lake, 592 m deep.

Author: Leonard Lin . Source: (Some rights reserved)


Lake Retaud (alt 1685 m) in the Vaud Alps, Switzerland

Author: raz1940 et Charlotte. Source: (Some rights reserved)


Lake in the Mountains of New Zealand

Author: cowins . Source:


Arrowhead Lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario (Canada)

Author: Conrad Kuiper. (Some rights reserved)


Lake in the Mountains of Scotland, Great Britain

Author: FrankWinkler . Source: Source:


Volcano Taal is a volcano of the Philippines located in the south of the island of Luçon, about sixty kilometers south of Manila.
There is a crater, filled with a lake, which has an island.

Author: Martin. (Some rights reserved)

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