10th exercise in digital painting

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10th exercise in digital painting

All the debuting artists ask this question: How do I choose my next creation?
One must know that in each artistic creation there are – at least – 4 choices to make:

1) Choice of the subject: The basic subject is the strategic guide of the painter during all his work. The subject of a painting can be an object, an image, a movement, a scene … as it may be a psychological, sociological, economic, political, sentimental, metaphysical, « theoretical » subject. (The title of the painting does not necessarily represent its subject matter).


46_Multicolored mountains

2) Choice of the artistic movement: a beginner must know and respect the main movements of the History of Art. He must not seek his personal style, far from these movements, before a very long experience and many technical successes.

41_d-2-new3) Choice of structure: the artist must imagine and note the general scema of his creation. He must therefore decide on the contents of his next creation, before starting work:
* Its main parts.
* Its main elements.
* Its texture.
* Its visual floors.
* Its visual dimensions.

My 76th_Paintdigi one year
4) Choice of aesthetic appearance: With the choice of colors, sources of lights and degrees of values; We regulate in advance the quantity and the quality of the emotions of the spec- tors of this final creation.



 Do exercises of these choices; Without forgetting that these 4 main choices are interrelated, they must form in the final phase, a homogeneous, attractive, expressive and innovative set.

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