My 73rd painting:  » Surrounded by hope « 

My 73rd painting

My 73th_Surrounded by hope


Surrounded by hope




Dear friends
I present, another abstract artistic creation, of another style, known under the name of « Lyric Abstraction ».
The basic elements in this creation are lines, dots and spots. These elements do not form definite and realistic objects; They form a homogeneous whole.
Spectators must receive and design the entire image, without seeking real clues. The spectators are invited to seek in their sensations and emotions, and to seek nothing in their memories (this is « tachism »)                                                                                                                                                                                                  ALOZADE A.




Lyric Abstraction




30 May 2017

Forbidden to download, photograph, copy, use, distribute or commercialize, without authorization WRITTEN by the artist.

12 réflexions sur “My 73rd painting:  » Surrounded by hope « 

  1. Thank you for the good comment, which encourages me a lot. 🙂
    I create a painting according to 4 steps:
    1) Choose a philosophical idea (moral, phisic, metaphysical, social …), which I must present.
    2) Choose style and working techniques
    3) Once finished, I look at the set, to test the psychic and emotional sides, then correct some details
    4) choose a title that keeps the philosophical theme and envelops my sensations before the final creation.

  2. I think this painting is beautiful and powerful, and so I wanted to know your process flow if you have one. Do you get a title idea and then paint, or do you paint and see what comes out and then assign a title based on your impressions or feelings about the completed work? Or, like my poetry, maybe a little of both or either depending on the subject?

    Thank you!


  3. Such a dynamic painting. Love the colors and the strong lines. And the title. I can feel its force.

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