Salzburg, Austria (2)


Salzburg, Austria (2)20170419_120204

Salzburg is an Austrian city of 148,521 inhabitants (2012). The old town is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Located on the German border, the city is famous for having seen Mozart born. It takes its name from salt (Salz in German) and from castle (Burg), on whose commerce the city builds its fortune. The Salzburg Classical Music Festival is one of the most prestigious in the world.


In my last trip to Salzburg this year, I took pictures, especially for my dear friends and readers of my blog. I hope you like them.                                    ALOZADE Ahmed

I am the author of all the photos; All rights are reserved, prohibited to download or use without my written permission.



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Salzburg (Principality of the Holy Roman Empire) on January 27, 1756 and died in Vienna on December 5, 1791, is a musical composer.

Died at thirty-five, he left an impressive work (626 works listed in the catalog Köchel), which embraces all the musical genres of his time. According to the testimony of his contemporaries, he was a virtuoso at the piano as well as on the violin.

It is generally acknowledged that he has brought to a point of perfection the concerto, the symphony, and the sonata……………………….[]


House of Mozart



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