Art and beauty Images for you On this page,  i am looking for my readers the art, beauty, creativity, impressionism …. where are, in our life ARCHITECTURE is digital art (6) THE JAPANESE ARCHITECTURE I have chosen some fantastic images of architectural masterpieces that represent Japanese art and culture: A « floating » building (Haraiden purification hall of … Lire la suite THE JAPANESE ARCHITECTURE

Evolution of Digital Painting….

DIGITAL PAINTING: Evolution  Wallpaper light grain Author: Sabine Sauermaul . Source: Digital painting (or digital painting) is a form of digital art, among others, which appeared in the 1990s. Digital painting differs from other forms of digital art, especially computer generated art, because it does not imply that the computer relies on a model. The artist … Lire la suite Evolution of Digital Painting….

The beauty of the lakes in Argentina..

 Art and beauty Images for you BEAUTY IN NATURE The beauty of the lakes in Argentina DEAR FRIENDS AND READERS I CHOSE – FOR YOU – PICTURES OF EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY: THE BEAUTY OF THE LAKES IN ARGENTINA, THE BEAUTY OF SURFACES, SHAPES, COLORS AND ESPECIALLY ROMANTIC BEAUTY: Bright blue Jakob lake, Bariloche trekking, Argentina Author: … Lire la suite The beauty of the lakes in Argentina..