Presentation of my creations

I present 5 of my creations, in different conditions, to give you an idea on the decorative value of these works.

Photos are created with PhotoFunia

My 89_Rust of the sea

My 89_Rust of the sea_ALOZADE Ahmed

My 90_The Metaphysical Fate

My 90_The Metaphysical Fate_ALOZADE Ahmed

My 103_Good mood

My 103_Good mood_ALOZADE Ahmed

My B_004_Flagrance of flowers

My B_004_Flagrance of flowers_ALOZADE Ahmed

My 83_ Lovely ambiguity

My 83_ Lovely ambiguity_ALOZADE Ahmed

5 Comments on “Presentation of my creations

  1. Well, I love these examples of how to do that. Beautiful, Mr. Alozade.
    Enjoy your weekend, XxX

  2. This is a digital way, to imagine the effect of creation, when it will be used by the buyer.

  3. Ok, for my understanding…. Are the paintings really there, or did you digitally merged photographs?

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