Photos of my country. Moroccan crafts

Photos of my country (20):

Moroccan crafts

Since crafts in general constitute a reference to a civilization, an art and a culture of an entire nation. Moroccan craftsmanship also reflects an enormous heritage and has especially an important cultural and human value.
Moroccan craftsmanship is the legacy of an Amazigh civilization for thousands of years. This craftsmanship is also linked to the Arab-African-Muslim traditions of the Moroccan people, survived for centuries despite the foreign invasions and the modernization of the contemporary life of the Maricans.
Moroccan craftsmanship – which is among the oldest and most varied in Africa – expresses its creativity through multiple forms and innumerable materials that range from wood to skin, iron to copper, fabrics to ceramics, stones To the gold, with a wealth of productions and techniques quite extraordinary.
 The characteristics and techniques of ancient memory work, of the Moroccan artisan tradition, are maintained intact.
 I hope that these few pictures appeal to you:


I thank my dear Khadija (Specialist of Moroccan cooking and owner of the interesting blog: dishdessert), who helped me with his photos.

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