PHILOSOPHY of ART( 3): Philosophy against Art ?

Philosophy against Art ?

Fine arts are under engineering, as said KANT, 1724-1804; So the fact that the artist is a « genius » means it is faculty of aesthetic ideas, but he can not realize – always – all dimensions of what he does.

Philosophy seeks the truth of the existence; His metaphysical research, and ontological, can not, as oppose to the field of sensible appearances, which seeks art.

It is true that Art and philosophy, do not have the same methods they refer to different faculties of the mind: The art refers to the sphere of design, feeling, perception and imagination; whereas philosophy, it refers to what is on the order of consciousness, and reason.

Art is linked to innovation, creation and clarification of beauties; While the philosophy, as it falls within the concept, is related to innovation, creation and clarification of ideas.

 Since PLATO, 428-348 (B.C), philosophy asks what art (the other of philosophy); although obviously it is only with Hegel, that art is really regarded as a worthy object, which treats philosophically. So, art is essential to philosophy, like philosophy is essential to art, to the point, we can say that art has always allowed philosophy to reflect on its own concepts, it poses philosophical questions, philosophy. Since Greece the philosophy of art is at the heart of philosophy.

So Methodological contradictory between art and philosophy, have not prevented the existence of « artistic » philosophers and « philosophical » artists (like, NITSCHZE, especially from 1844 to 1900 with his publication about his thinking Art « the tragedy of the Birth ») (and as, KANDISKY, 1866-1944, leader of abstract Art who said, « Art is (only). an absolute knowledge of things, we to see what the sensible appearances hide us. « ).

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