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Dear friends and visitors
I thought of you, during my trip to France, the month of April 2017. I took hundreds of photos, which show the beauty of the city of Paris. They will be published in several posts, for the pleasure of your eyes and your artistic spirit                                                   ……….                                              ALOZADE Ahmed

I am the author of all the photos; All rights are reserved, prohibited to download or use without my written permission.

8) Sculptures -1-


15 Comments on “THE BEAUTY OF PARIS (8)

  1. Wonderful Wonderful thank you! I love the thinkers as that is so me! I forgot about these so thanks for the reminders. I read about them.

  2. Paris changes every year, it also retains the beauties of the past …. welcome in Paris my dear 😉

  3. Beautiful photographs. I too spent Aoril
    In Paris nearly ten years ago. I’m sure things have changed there !

  4. Such beauty!!!…
    Maybe one day I will be able to visit such a city with such art n beauty …
    Hugggs n kiss

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