Why do I prefer the lyrical abstract?

You notice, that most of my artistic creations are of “lyrical abstract” style.

Why do I prefer the lyrical abstract?

in my answer you will find causes related to the definition of this style and its benefits, and causes related to my personal artistic vision:


* I like the direct expression of the individual emotion, attached to the informal art (developed in Paris after the Second World War).
I refuse to remain in the academic theories of realistic “photographic” art. As I reject the strict laws of geometric abstraction and constructivism. I believe in the total freedom of the artist, who must be free from pressure or the need to make his art real. We must remove fear and the need for perfection in order to broaden the essential joy of artists in creation.
* I value the artists, who evolve towards the abstract language following a gestural writing, which before the war had slipped between the dada spirit and the surrealist spirit.
* I believe that art must shock and seduce – at the same time – its unexpected “improvisations” and “compositions” and its confusion of texture and structure.
* I find great pleasure in the artistic method, which begins by analyzing and disassembling the real, then reinstalling it, with no representational qualities and reducing it to a set of essential characteristics.
* Lyrical art gently guided me through concrete exercises designed to help me create original abstract quilting ideas. I learned the basics of merged collage by assembling my unique original art quilting top.

Here are some of my creations of this style:

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