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Republic of Palau


Rock Islands in Palau.

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Located in Micronesia, Palau is located in western Oceania and the Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into sixteen states spread over several hundred islands, of which only a few are inhabited.
  The largest, Babeldaob, is home to ten of the sixteen states, the Roman-Tmetuchl International Airport and the new capital, Melekeok.


Koror–Babeldaob Bridge.

Bridge between Japan and Palau, connects the island of Koror with that of Babeldaob since January 11, 2002, the date of its inauguration1. Built from November 1999 to October 2001 with Japanese funds

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Geologically, Palau constitute an independent archipelago, belonging to a line of coral reefs of different orientation. The Carolinian islands are distinctly separated from the Palau at their western extremity by an oceanic trench that can reach 7000 meters in depth


An aerial view of limestone islands.

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Beach of Palau

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Aerial view of uplifted limestone islands, so called “Rock Islands” in Palau

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Palau periryu orange beach

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Aerial view of littles islands and their surroundings in Palau.

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Les premiers Européens à baptiser les Palaos sont les Espagnols au xvie siècle. les îles deviennent allemandes en 1899 puis japonaises en 1914.
Les Palaos obtiennent leur indépendance le 1er octobre 1994 des États-Unis .


New Capitol in Melekeok, the capital of Palau., the seat of government.

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Koror chiefs in 1915

Authhor: Ryuzo Torii(1870-1953).

Palau has only 21,186 inhabitants in 2014. Melekeok is the least populated capital in the world, with only 271 inhabitants in 2005. The population density is 46 inhabitants per square kilometer.
The population consists mainly of Micronesians, Asians (including Filipinos and Chinese)


A traditional Palauan hut

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Tobi villagers.

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Palau Mindszenty High School

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Tourism represents the bulk of economic activity. A pioneer in seabed protection, this small country in Micronesia has made its waters a sanctuary. With its waters at 29 ° C all year round, the Republic of Palau boasts a wide variety of underwater species. The absolute defense of the natural environment is enshrined in the Constitution of this State since its independence. It is even taught in primary school. In September 2009, President Johnson Toribiong announced the creation of the first shark sanctuary in the world before the United Nations.


Palasia Hotel Palau

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The Republic of Palau is famous for its seabed, with its wealth of fish and its extraordinary colorful beauty.

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